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Award-winning node-based shader creation.

  • Superior UI/UX and Feature Set
  • Community-driven Development

 1-Click optimization.

  • Next-gen Billboards
  • Reduce Draw Calls

600+ Character Animations

  • Third-Person Controller
  • Blender Source

200+ Grading Presets

  • Amplify Color
  • PPS Built-in and URP

Your trusted Unity development partner.

40.000+ Amplified Users and Counting!

Excellence in select partner development work.

We don't partner often but great things can happen.

Disco Elysium - ZA/UM Studios

Close partnership, initially for porting and development efforts, that culminated in the creation of a new studio in Portugal.
  • Powered by Amplify Texture for high-fidelity background art.
  • Playstation, Switch, Xbox, Mac and Google Stadia Ports.
  • Optimizations and game code improvements.
  • Integrated development team. (DE : Final Cut) 
  • Established ZAUM Porto, a turnkey Portugal-based studio with highly qualified technical and artistical expertise for future development work under ZA/UM Studio’s management.

Early R&D for "RISE" - Nurulize

R&D collaboration between Amplify’s founder Diogo Teixeira and Scott Metzger nearly 10 years ago, paved the way to many Amplify Texture improvements. Nurulize, now part of Sony Pictures,  moved away from Unity and Amplify Texture onto cutting-edge proprietary virtual production solutions.

  • Early versions powered by Amplify Texture
  • Custom Amplify Texture development collaboration across several areas that ultimately improved AT’s fidelity and performance.
  • Addition of new features to the AT toolset such as UDIM support which allowed for a unique MARI-based workflow unseen at the time in realtime applications.
  • VR application development.

R&D is the lifeblood of Amplify Creations

Our cutting-edge middleware and broad skillset with full cycle development, optimization, porting, and advanced graphical computation bring out-of-the-box solutions to your unique challenges.
Do you have an interesting project in the works that could use a special touch? Drops us an email.

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