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Is Amplify right for my project?

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Is Amplify right for my project?

Postby RyuMaster » Wed May 07, 2014 10:23 am

Hi! I'm trying to figure out, should I use Amplify or not. I'm working on the mobile game, and I thought it would be good idea to completely create levels inside 3Ds Max, and then transfer them to the Unity, with all the light-maps, diffuse-maps embedded into the textures. I.e., I will fully unwrap level inside 3Ds Max, and bake all the textures with render-to-texture. The levels are quite huge, and I want to keep level detail high.

My concern is: how will that look in Unity performance wise with Amplify, and memory usage-wise, considering that I'm targeting latest smartphone generation.

I could do all the test myself and profile it, but being indie I can't afford to just go and buy preview version right now.
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Re: Is Amplify right for my project?

Postby Ricardo Teixeira » Thu May 08, 2014 2:09 pm

Hello Ryu,

Amplify Texture 2 would be perfect for that type of workflow. As I mentioned in the Unity Forum, regardless of the total texture size, AT2 streams only what is required, you should have no issues with a level of that size. It would be even better if you used Multi-Tile Uv’s, no matter the number of patches in a collection it would be considered to be 1 texture, thus eliminating any unnecessary draw calls or related overhead.

In the second Amplify Texture 2 private development build we actually introduced Multi-VT support; Up to 16 simultaneous Virtual Textures per-scene (max 64 Terapixel), a major improvement from our early announcement.

Texture compression is already extremely efficient and we will continue to improve it until the AT2 release.

I would recommend that you evaluate Amplify Texture 1, it should give you a pretty good idea of what you can do with our virtualization technology.

When purchasing Amplify Texture 2, users immediately receive AT 1.5, the latest development build and access to the private early adopter forum.

Amplify Texture 1.5 Trial Download
Amplify Texture 2 Product Page

Regarding your specific concerns; that is exactly what Amplify Texture 2 is for, it will allow you to use large amounts of textures without compromising performance, quality or memory usage. I will get in touch via email when we have new mobile development news.
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