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Wireframe Effect

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Wireframe Effect

Postby pacoCasares » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:38 am

Hello Amplify,

I will go on a search for creating a simple wireframe effect in stages on success,

inspiration.jpg (165.11 KiB) Viewed 549 times

First I would like to create a version that is basic, just the lines...

As I progress I would like to make more additions such as making random thickness sizes or glow intensities... not sure what is achievable yet or not, but I would like to add that I could add vertex painting to the model to give specifications on the RBGA channels. Would be fantastic for example if I could change the thickness of the edges making them very thick anything that is painted white to non-existent if painted black (dark dark grey would be very thin)

Hopefully, there is someone out there listening, but if not I will try to look into it and if manage to discover anything I'll post an update. Thank you!
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Re: Wireframe Effect

Postby Amplify_Borba » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:50 am

Hello! There are many different ways to achieve a hologram effect, have you had the chance to look into our HologramSimple sample?

You may also use opacity masking, if you want to experiment with transparent cutouts in your shader!
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