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Re: Building Virtual Texture yields unpredictive results

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:15 pm
by Ricardo Teixeira
ChezDoodles wrote:
Are you using the same exact Unity version on all machines?

Yes. I keep them all perfectly in sync with regards to Unity and dev tools.

Do you have any way to check which files change after the sync on your side?

The last few days, I have only been using my desktop pc. All my testing has been done using just that one. So Dropbox has done nothing but kept the cloud in sync with changes done on that single pc. I needed to reduce the number of factors while trying to solve this problem.

Not sure what to recommend in this specific case as this does not sound like it's specific to AT2, or even Unity for that matter. AT2 works with standard version control products, as long as it's properly synced you should absolutely get the same results.

I would recommend checking which files are not being altered in a simple project.