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Shader Functions - Reusable Node Networks

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Shader Functions - Reusable Node Networks

Postby Ricardo Teixeira » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:48 am


Shader Functions, SF for short, are reusable node networks condensed into a single node with custom output and input ports. Easy to setup and extremely flexible, they work by receiving input values directly from your shader, processing that information and outputting them back for further alterations or direct use. SF assets are not bound to any shader, you can use them multiple times throughout your project, in the same shader, inside other Shader Functions, or even share them with other users.

    * Works with all ASE nodes.
    * Configurable Input/Output nodes.
    * Copy & Paste nodes between shaders and SF.
    * Supports all variable types, including Material Properties.
    * Reusable and unique assets, not bound to any shader or project.
    * Seamless editor workflow, drag & drop into any open shader or add them from the Node list.


Version 1 Shader Function Example


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