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Alloy 2.0 by RUST LTD Released

February Update

Alloy 2.0 is now available, we highly recommend that you try it out. Amplify Texture 2 will include support for Rust’s LTD physically based shading framework.

A new demo powered by Alloy 2 is also available, click the image bellow and forge your own Blade.


Our friends at Rust LTD delivered Alloy 2.0 along with a pack of awesome new features. We would like to invite all our users to try their technology and see for yourself what Physically Based Shading can really do for your projects. The following tech demo demonstrates some of the improvements and extensively uses TC Particles, Skyshop and Amplify Color.

Give it a swing, download and try the Alloy 2.0 Sword Demo yourself.
Feel free to browse the image gallery instead.

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Alloy Physical Shader Framework by Rust LTD
Skyshop: Image-Based Lighting Tools & Shaders by Marmoset
TC Particles by Tiny Cube Studio


Amplify Color by Amplify Creations
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