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We’re moving to the Unity forums exclusively!

Don’t worry, we’re still available to support you. Due to the large amount of request we receive via the Unity forums, Twitter, our own forums here, and via email, we’ve decided to reduce the number contact points in an effort to best assist you.

Instead of being spread thin across all points, we’re going to spend more time monitoring the official Unity Forum threads.

Due to popular demand, we’ve also created an official Discord Channel. Here you’ll be able to interact with other Amplify Users, discuss our products, share feedback and your work. This is a new experience for us so we ask that you be patient and provide feedback on what you think we could improve.

Official Unity Forum Threads

Amplify Shader Editor
Amplify Impostors
Amplify Occlusion
Amplify Bloom
Amplify Color
Amplify LUT Pack

Official Discord Community

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The old forum is locked but still available for future reference.
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