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  • Amplify LUT Pack » 200+ LUTs for Unreal 4

    Amplify LUT Pack Over 200 high-quality LUTs in a comprehensive and varied pack, ready to use and extremely simple to add to your project. It’s a great addition to 3D and 2D applications, altering the overall mood or style is only a few clicks away. From basic exposure and tint adjustments to elaborate film like color grading usually associated with popular films and video-games, you will find an extensive array of grades suitable for almost any type of project.

    Included in the package:

    • Base Adjustments
    • Color Blindness Simulation
    • Film Color
    • Film Mono
    • Popular Looks
    • Stock Film Base
    • Stock Film Standard
    • Stock Film Vintage
    • Stylized Misc
    • Stylized Retro
    for only $14.99 usd
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  • Amplify Animation Pack

    Full set of animations ranging from locomotion to boating, swimming, and varied interactions. Whether you’re making a sandbox game, tactical espionage sim, or exploring uncharted ruins, the starter Third-person Character Controller will get you rolling faster than ever!

    Included in the package:

    • Blender Source
    • 600+ Animation Sequences
    • Third-person Controller
    • 100% Blueprints
    • UE4 Mannequin Animations(Included)
    • Major Refactor – Simplified Custom Character Use (NEW)
    for only $14.99 usd
    excl. VAT