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Amplify Color Volume Effects & Events

We are happy to announce a new version of Amplify Color. In this new update we expanded our volume based functionalities and we now support volume based 3rd party effects and custom events. We also improved overall performance, added the ability to blend Base Lut’s with Volume Lut’s and added specific optimizations for overlapping volumes. Amplify Color is now open to everyone, the standard version includes all the required source files in order to develop new functionalities or to expand existing ones.

Stay tuned we included a special preview near the end of this video.


• Industry level color grading
• Semi-automated Photoshop workflow
• File-based workflow for any other Image Editor
• Dynamic blending between profiles
• Texture-based per-pixel masking
• All Color Alterations Supported
• Oculus/VR friendly
• Color Volumes
• Performance/Mobile Mode

NEW! More Source Code
NEW! Third-party Effects Volume Blending
NEW! Better Volume detection accuracy
NEW! Base and Volume LUT mixing
NEW! Unity 5 support

New update available on the Unity Asset Store:
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We also updated our customer showcase:

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