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Amplify Texture 2 – Public Development Trial

We are happy to announce the first public Amplify Texture 2 development version, featuring: Third-party shader support (Alloy, Lux, Skyshop), Virtual Texture Layout presets and Anisotropic Filtering. We would love to hear from you, our product is close to a official release and we can really use all the feedback we can get, you can make a difference by guiding us accordingly to your project needs.

Unity 5 support is right around the corner, Amplify Texture 2 will be fully compatible. You can expect more updates, at a faster pace, up to the final release, stay tuned!

We have also updated our Amplify Texture 2 page, we added a temporary manual and we will be posting new video tutorials in the upcoming weeks.

Please note that this is a Public Development Preview Version Only. Amplify Texture 2 is still in development and some features will be added at a later stage. The current public version does not represent the final quality, performance, or feature set that will be available in the final product. Visit the specifications page for more information.

Try it today!

Be sure to report any issues in our dedicated public forum topic.


• Unity 4.5.3+
• Optional; Alloy 2.1, Skyshop 1.09, Lux 1.011


• Multi-VT consolidation
• Added fully working configurable Virtual Texture layout presets
• Added support for a total of 12 channels; 3 cache textures
• Added full support for specular/material maps; paving the way for Physical Based Shaders
• Added third-party support for Alloy, Lux and Skyshop
• Added anisotropic filtering support; adjustable, 8x by default
• Improved material converter; faster and doesn’t run out of memory anymore

Full Release Notes

Being a development version, we are still working out some issues and not all features are available.

• Multiple Camera/Runtime not working; to be addressed in the next alpha release
• SLI/CF unsupported; also to be addressed on following release
• Negligible artifacts between tiles under significant magnification; also next
• DirectX 11 not working properly in edit-mode with Linear-space; works fine in play mode

What’s next?

Alpha 22
• SLI/CrossFire support
• Fix HDR encoding issues
• Add support for EXR 2.0
• More options for filtering Mipmaps: Nearest

Alpha 23
• Multiple Camera/Runtime support
• Fix anisotropic magnification artifacts
• Fix DirectX 11 in edit-mode + Linear-space
• Unity 5 support
• Third-party: Oculus Rift SDK 2 support (DK 2)

Important call to cooperation:

If AT2 is a pivotal tool in your large-scale project, please consider providing us one of your larger datasets for robustness testing.

Please note that we’re available to sign any contracts or NDAs necessary to protect your copyright. We are absolutely certain that both our parties can benefit from this type of cooperation. If you’re interest, please contact us directly or, feel free to reply here to get things started.

As usual, we invite you to participate and help us shape this product. Your feedback is very important to us, get in touch [email protected]

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