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BallisticNG, by Neognosis

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BallisticNG is an action packed anti-gravity racer developed as a lover letter to the original Wipeout trilogy. Set in the year 2159 you glide through futuristic race courses armed to the teeth with deadly weapons to aid you in taking first place. Playing the game is all about getting into the zone and becoming one with the ship, practicing every nook and cranny of every track until you can do it with your eyes closed.

BallisticNG’s assets are made with real 90s hardware limitations in mind to create an authentic retro 3D artstyle, which also supports modern graphical features and makes use of Amplify Bloom for a AAA, high quality bloom solution.

Amplify Bloom – Industry Level Post-Process Bloom FX

Industry Level Post-Process Bloom for your projects in a comprehensive all-in-one package with high-quality features that can be toggled and tweaked to fulfill your project needs. AAA quality and flexibility at an indie affordable cost.

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