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Goodbye 2017

What an amazing year! We won the Asset Store Award for Best Tool, ASE became the top selling package during December, and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback provided by the amazing Amplify Shader Editor Unity community. With your help and support, we were able to greatly improve the editor flexibility, the available documentation, and educational content available.

Hello Unity 2018 (beta)

Following the recent Unity 2018 beta announcement, we felt that it was best to address a few points regarding the new Scriptable Render Pipeline and the new Unity shader editor. Let me start by assuring you that we have no plans to discontinue ASE development, we have quite a few innovative features and improvements in development for 2018!

Scriptable Render Pipeline

Amplify Shader Editor will support the creation of SRP compatible shaders, it’s been on our internal roadmap for quite some time now. From a creation standpoint, it should be as simple as selecting a shader type such as Standard, Custom Lighting, or any other type currently available.

The Unity 2018 Shader Editor is an expected addition, we’ll definitely keep an eye on its development for any relevant features and conventions that it might introduce. In any case, our development path somewhat differs from what Unity currently offers. You can count on us for mature and future-proof shader development, always with responsive support and blazing fast iteration times that you can expect from Amplify Creations. Be it for beginners or advanced users, ASE is the go-to solution for flexible shader development. With over 40 varied free shader samples, Shader Functions, a Custom Node API, an innovative Template System, extensive wiki references, community contributions, and an ongoing tutorial series.

Made with Amplify Shader Editor

We’re humbled by the amount of users that take advantage of our editor to create unique game shaders and even innovative Unity products! Here’s a short list of some of the great ASE based products already available at the Asset Store; including our FREE entry, the Fake Interiors package.


Fake Interiors FREE

Tired of real interiors? Come on down to the Asset Store and get some FREE real Fake Interiors!

Rocks Pack PBR

Customizable PBR Rock pack by ANGRY MESH.

Fantasy Adventure Environment

Aartistically crafted environment assets powered by scripts and custom shaders by Staggart Creations.

Stylized Water Shader

A customizable shader inspired by Zelda: The Windwaker by Staggart Creations.

POLYVERSE – Low Poly Skybox Shaders and Textures

Highly customizable skybox shaders by BOXOPHOBIC.

POLYVERSE – Low Poly Water Shaders

Stylized lowpoly water shaders by BOXOPHOBIC.


Customizable planet shader, 20 sets of planet textures in a single package by Nova Shade.

Damage FX

Dynamic damage and destruction with Damage FX PBR Shaders by FORGE3D

Distort FX

Ultimate screen distortion shaders for Unity by fholm


Customizable and Mobile-ready space ships by FORGE3D

CTS – Complete Terrain Shader

Flexible and modern AAA PBR terrain shaders by Adam Goodrich.

R.A.M – River Auto Material

Advanced automated river creation tool by Nature Manufacture.

Dynamic Nature – Starter

Flexible and complete HQ nature assets by Nature Manufacture.

VR Hands and FP Arms Pack

Custom Skin PBR Arms and Hands for female and male characters in standalone and mobile versions by Nature Manufacture.

Snow Shader

Automatic snow coverage effect by Nova Shade.

Unity 2018

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