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Introducing Amplify Bloom – Industry Level Post-Process Bloom for Unity

Amplify Bloom brings Industry Level Post-Process Bloom to your projects in a all-in-one package with high-quality features that can be toggled and tweaked to fulfill your project needs. AAA quality and flexibility at an indie affordable cost with the premium support and professional development you can always expect from Amplify Creations. Our Bloom solution is flexible and suited for almost any game type, be it with stylized or realistic visuals, it’s fast performing and employs high-end flicker/firefly reduction techniques. Exclusively available in the Unity Asset Store, be sure to check the product page for additional information, reviews and updates.

• High quality and high-performance
• Highly flexible, tweak and toggle only the required features
• Extensive control with dedicated thresholds and intensity values
• Debug view for all features
• For both 3D and 2D applications
• Full Source Code

• Low and High Precision
• Based on a AAA temporal stability issues reduction technique
• Additional Temporal Filtering for even greater flicker/firefly reduction
• Comprehensive Upscale and Downscale control
• Fine tune effect by specifying each Mip contribution/weight and Blur parameters
• Separate Threshold for Bloom and Extra Features

Lens Dirt & Starburst
• Texture based effect influenced by Bloom, Glare and Lens Flare
• Supports dynamic render textures
• Fine tune final look by specifying per Mip influence/weight
• Intensity Control

Bokeh Filtering
• Simulate different camera aperture shapes
• Apply the effect directly on the bloom source or only affect extra features
• Flexible controls for Sample Radius, Aperture, Focal Length and Distance, CoC Diameter and Rotation value

Lens Flare
• Realistic procedural pseudo-flares with Halo and Ghosts
• Flexible controls for Intensity, Tint, Dispersal and Chromatic Distortion

Lens Glare
• High-quality Anamorphic Glare
• Flexible controls for Intensity, Streak Type, Streak Scale, Color and Tint Along Glare, Per-Pass Displacement and Ray value
• 9 standard glare types included
• Create up to 32 custom glare types

Amplify Bloom – Industry Level Post-Process Bloom FX

Try the fully functional trial version and see for your self what it can do for your project, be sure to visit the product page for additional information, a in-depth manual and tutorial, and the Asset Store Page.

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