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Amplify Motion Update 1.6.0

We are very happy to announce a major Amplify Motion update. In version 1.6 we added a new GPU path for skin deformation that greatly increased the performance of Skinned characters across all platforms; solid non-skinned asset performance has also been greatly increased. New HDR support assures compatibility with other High Dynamic Range based plugins such as Amplify Color with its new Filmic Tonemapping or even Scion.

Among the new features we also took this opportunity to fix and improve possible issues such as MSAA quality, multiple camera handling, improved mobile mode with less visual artifacts, skinned meshes not taking base game object motion into account, intermittent solid meshes when attached to kinematic rigidbodies and much more.

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• Added HDR support
• Added support for “Optimize Game Objects” via non-threaded BakeMesh fallback
• Added GPU path for skin deformation; order of magnitude performance improvement
• Added Force CPU Only toggle
• Massively improved performance across the board, including Mobile and Consoles
• Improved Mobile quality mode, less ringing
• Improved quality in MSAA modes
• Improved multiple camera handling
• Improved Amplify Motion Object handling
• Fixed skinned mesh not taking base game object motion into account
• Fixed intermittent solid meshes when attached to kinematic rigidbodies; e.g. characters
• Fixed vectors going berserk when delta is zero; e.g. at startup or shutdown
• Fixed OpenGL shader compilation issues
• Fixed bug using wrong camera reference when rendering vectors
• Changed default DepthThreshold to 0.001
• Removed Particle systems from auto-reg; requires adding script
• Removed checking for parent rigidbody in order to determine fixed step
• Fixed Windows Phone 8/8.1 support
• Fixed Windows Store App 8/8.1 support
• Tested and confirmed full XBox One support
• Tested and confirmed iOS and Android support
• Dropped support for Unity3

Amplify Motion – Vector Based Motion Blur

A complete and fast full-scene vector motion blur effect that works with all opaque and coverage/alpha-test surfaces. It supports both stationary and moving objects. Handles translation as well as rotation on camera and dynamic objects using per-pixel vectors. For Desktop, WebGL, Mobile & Consoles.

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