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We are currently revamping on our services offers. More information will be provided soon. In the meantime, general support is available via Community forums (recommended) or direct Contact.
Support Policy

Amplify Creations provides priority, custom, subscription based and direct support to our commercial customers. Monthly, yearly and custom support plans are provided.

In addition to direct product support we also provide direct support in the development of your project, if required. More information regarding these options will be provided upon request.

For general customers, support is provided by the following priority order.

  • Product breaking issues that prevent them from executing as described
  • Standard bugs that don’t stop the Product from executing but should be fixed asap
  • Product usage support

The information above does not constitute a contractual obligation of technical support. Even though products are sold as is, as stated in our EULA, Amplify Creations will work to it’s full potential in order to correct any issues that may arise.

All inquiries not related to technical support will be directed to the proper email address.

Response time may vary depending on correspondence volume. We respond to all our emails, rest assured, we will get back to you.