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Amplify Color Update 1.5.1

We are happy to announce a new Amplify Color version. We have been working with a few developers on some technical issues and possible improvements and the results have been great. In this new update we introduce a lightweight Filmic Tonemapping option, appropriate HDR Dithering & adjustable Exposure. In addition to HDR related improvements the package now includes Depth-based Mask support (curve controller), 2D Collider support and a critical workaround for a HW Clamping related issue plaguing the iPhone5s/iPAdAir. Based on user input we also took this chance to improve color space conversion, shader optimization and error handling in Unity 5.


NEW! Filmic Tonemapping option (HDR)
NEW! Dithering option (HDR)
NEW! Depth-based Mask support; with curve
NEW! Mobile HW Clamp fix iPhone5s/iPadAir1
NEW! 2D Collider support
NEW! Optimized color space conversions
NEW! Improved error handling in Unity 5
NEW! Fixed memory leaks
NEW! Shader optimizations
NEW! Runtime allocation optimizations
DROPPED Unity 3 support

Previous Version

• Industry level color grading
• Semi-automated Photoshop workflow
• File-based workflow for any other Image Editor
• Dynamic blending between profiles
• Texture-based per-pixel masking
• All Color Alterations Supported
• Oculus/VR friendly
• Color Volumes
• Performance/Mobile Mode
• Source Code
• Third-party Effects Volume Blending
• Better Volume detection accuracy
• Base and Volume LUT mixing
• Unity 5 support

Amplify Color – Advanced Color Grading

Our grading solution brings industry-level color grading to your Unity game by mimicking the color transforms made inside a tool like Photoshop or typical grading software such as Nuke, After Effects, Fusion or similar; e.g. change contrast, color curves, exposure, saturation, hue and more, or a combination of all transforms at once. For Desktop, WebGL, Mobile & Consoles.

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