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Amplify Motion Update 1.3.0


We are happy to announce the latest Amplify Motion update; our complete and fast full-scene vector motion blur effect plugin for Unity3d. Used in such projects as Wasteland 2, D I S T A N C E, Road Redemption, The Forest, Ziggurat and many more. Make the change, join hundreds of other developers and take your project into the next level.

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Amplify Motion Update 1.3.0
New & Improved

• More Source Code available.
• Added Unity 5 support; albeit without cloth (pending Physx updates)
• Added Windows Store support
• Added MinVelocity for improved motion blur control and stability
• Added custom job scheduler for deformation; exposed worker thread count
• Eliminated all recurring frame heap allocations
• Improved reliability by extended nullref security checks
• Disabled motion vector face culling on dynamic objects for better blur coverage and less artifacts


• Fixed bug when front surfaces were blurred by moving surfaces behind them; vector rendering depth test is now non-linear
• Fixed nullref when object was initialized without AM efect
• Fixed nullref object issues with dynamic instancing
• Fixed blurred objects in first frame after spawn
• Fixed some masking issues
• Fixed intermittent hdr issue; clamped for now
• Fixed problem with invalid/null camera overlays
• Fixed errors when releasing overlay cameras
• Fixed weird colors/gradients when using overlay cameras
• Fixed crash when using Overlay Cameras in DirectX 11 mode
• Fixed SM2 compilation errors on d3d11_9x and d3d9


Amplify Motion is the leading solution for quality and efficient vector based motion blur in Unity. Flexible & Powerfull, it allows you to freely tweak quality and motion detection, allowing for usage across all desktops and most mobile devices.

Quality motion blur on all kinds of surfaces, including opaque and coverage/alpha test; and it works with static, skined or cloth models.

Amplify Motion by Amplify Creations
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Road Redemption

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A worthy Road Rage spiritual successor. Lead your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country in this procedurally-generated driving combat adventure.

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